The Playschool's last inspection was on Wednesday 24 January 2018. We are proud to have maintained our 2 – “Good” rating. The inspector identified the following highlights of particular note:

  • Children gain good skills for future learning. Older children learn to recognise the initial sound in words and begin to form letters when writing. They recognise their names. Children compare length and weight, and are curious and independent.
  • Children learn to keep safe. They know how to check the outdoor area with staff to make sure it is safe, and understand why they wear helmets when riding balance bicycles.
  • Children are considerate to each other, offering the snack plate, for example. They pour drinks for themselves and understand about the importance of healthy food.
  • The manager and committee work together well to supervise staff. The manager continually evaluates the quality of the resources, how children use them and how staff can improve them further. The manager has an accurate knowledge of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and knows how to improve staff's skills.
  • Staff work closely with parents so that parents know the progress their children make. Parents know how to support their children's learning at home and contribute videos and examples to the online assessment system. Staff share assessment information with other settings that children attend so they get a well-rounded view of progress.

Visit Ofsted's site to access the full Ofsted Report.