Links to the Playschool Policy Statements are below and an index of the policies can be found here: Policy Index. However, please do not hesitate to contact the Playschool to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.

All our policies are designed to offer the best possible experience for the children and families in the group. Our policies are reviewed on a regular basis; comments and suggestions from parents are always welcome.

* Particular attention should be paid to the policies on late collection and sickness.
Amazing Achievements
We recently introduced “Achievement Chequebooks” and it has proved very popular! Each time your child does something you’re proud of, or something they’ve never done before, just fill out a cheque with their name, what they’ve done and who you are. Next time your child attends Playschool, send the cheque in with them and we’ll read it out during registration so that all the other children can hear about it and congratulate them and then we’ll keep it in their development record. Some examples include: managing the toilet unaided, rides a bike or trike, interacts in new ways with adults or other children, participates in activities outside of Playschool, goes on holiday or takes a trip to the zoo, Paulton’s Park etc.

Click here to download an Amazing Achievements slip

Waiting List Application Form
Prospective parents can also download the Waiting List application form by clicking here