Eastleigh Borough Council has not been able to secure all the books originally promised by Hampshire Library service.  As a result, we will be looking to maximise the shelf space by operating a book exchange.... Read More

Welcome to Susie from Canine Partners and her puppy, Brandy! HVP also collects used postage stamps which are used to fund the charity, so please bring any stamps you have into pre-school.  

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Playschool will be closed on Monday 4 June for an inset day.... Read More

Whilst we love the snow here at Playschool, and we thoroughly enjoyed our morning outside yesterday, we have decided it's safest to close Playschool today (Friday). ... Read More

Yay we have snow!! HVP will be open morning only today, 0830 to 1230, as the weather is forecast to get worse later.... Read More