POSTED > 04.03.2016
Dear Parents
Hope you all had a good week off. 
World Book Day Tokens:
Please find attached your child’s Book Token entitling them to £1.00 off your next purchase of a book or audio book worth £2.99 or more.  Alternatively, the token may be redeemed for one of the specially produced books.  The token is valid for use between 29 February and 27 March 2016 inclusive.  This year there are two nursery books, 'Kipper's Visitor' (Mick Inkpen) and 'Supertato' (Hendra & Linnet).  
This half term:
This half term we will be looking at transport, special days, life cycles of chickens and Easter.
Throughout the term we will also focus on numbers and shapes and we encourage parents to work on this at home.  If you would like any suggestions, please see your key person.
Week 1: 22.02.16
Transport, RCT, Wheels on the Bus, junk modelling building cars, trains, aeroplanes, buses.  
Week 2: 29.02.16
Mother’s Day (6/3), St David’s Day (1/3).  Daffodil painting. 
Week 3: 07.03.16
Life cycles of Chickens
Week 4: 14.03.16
Easter.  Chicken cone hat / headband.  Easter cards (chicken coming out of egg)
Week 5: 21.03.16
Easter.  Easter egg bunnies, bakers stall.  Hot cross buns for snack.  Science – yeast.
During the last week (w/c 21 March) the children will be food tasting at snack time.  If your child has any allergies, please see myself or Deb to check on ingredients.  
Parent Rota:
The parent rota sheet is on the parents’ information table near the book corner.  If your child is settled at playschool and you would like to stay for a session with your child, please put your name down.  The children really enjoy showing their parents what they get up to whilst at playschool.
Before half term we had a few 'bugs' going around.  If your child is unwell, please keep them off playschool.  The children do not enjoy playschool when they are dosed up with Calpol and, due to the nature of playschool, illness can spread very easily.
Parents information evening and Annual General Meeting (AGM):
Hamble Village Playschool is a charity overseen by a committee of parents, without whom playschool cannot exist.  Our current chair Kylee Tyrrell is stepping down having supported us for the last 3 years, along with Soo, Morven, Laura and Lisa.  We thank them all for their hard work and commitment.  Therefore, we are looking for replacement committee.  On Wednesday 16 March we are holding a parent’s information evening to vote on new and existing committee.  Please do not let the initials AGM put you off – it will be brief, with wine and nibbles, giving you the chance to socialise with other parents, staff and committee.  More to the point, without parent’s volunteering to be on our committee THERE WILL BE NO PLAYSCHOOL!!  There are a variety of roles available and no matter what your background is, everyone has an area in which they can contribute.  The committee meet approx. every 6 weeks and discuss items such as decking maintenance, fundraising, personnel, financials.
Please complete and return the tear off slip at the end of the newsletter to give us an idea of numbers.
Sponsored Wheelathon:
We are holding a fundraising event during the afternoon of Monday 21 March at the Roy Underdown Pavilion (RUP).  ALL children (accompanied with parent/carer) are invited for a Sponsored Wheelathon.   Children can scoot, cycle, push a buggy (anything with wheels) around the cages and will be sponsored per lap.  Parents should collect their children slightly earlier at 1220.  We will then walk, or scoot up to the RUP.  Children not in session on Monday can meet us at the RUP for 1230.  If your child is attending all day on Monday, and you are unable to accompany them, please let me know and I will allocate a member of staff to supervise them.  After the event accompanied children can be taken home direct from the RUP and un accompanied children will be taken back to playschool for 3pm for normal collection.
Should the weather be awful, a decision to cancel will be made on the Sunday evening and posted on our website www., in which case playschool will run as normal.
More details to follow next week with sponsor forms.
Wellie hooks:
Hooks are now in place in the foyer for wellie bags.  Please give your child's wellies to your key person who will place the wellies in your child's bag.  
Amazing Achievement Slips:
Don’t forget these slips are available for you to complete.  Apart from Amazing Achievements we would also like you to share information on outings, family events, holidays, weekends etc. - just a brief couple of paragraphs and/or photos. This will help us to build up a holistic picture of your child outside of playschool and help us to focus on the unique child and build on their individual interests during their time with us. 
Sainsbury Schools Vouchers:
We are collecting the above vouchers.  Please ask neighbour, relatives, work colleagues to give any spare vouchers to you.  Please drop them into the collection boxes in playschool.
Lunch Boxes/Bags:
If your child stays for lunch can you send their lunch in a lunch box/bag, rather than loose in a rucksack, as the lunch boxes are stored in the fridge.  Please ensure lunch boxes are clearly marked on the outside, and limit the amount of food that is in the lunch box as the children only have 20 minutes, for example a sandwich (NO nut or egg based fillings), yoghurt, fruit, crisps and a drink.
Late Arrivals/Collections:
By arriving late registration is disrupted and can be upsetting for the child, likewise it can be distressing for the child when collected late.  If you are running late and are not going to make your 0900 or 1200 start, please wait and bring your child in at 0930 or 1230, unless agreed in advance ie doctor’s appointment.  If you know you are going to be late, due to unforeseeable circumstances, please telephone the playschool (07708 426134) to let a member of staff know.  This way they can reassure your child.
If you have any wood off cuts that the children could use to build with, that you no longer want, please bring in to playschool.
Diary Dates: 
World Book Day - Thursday 3 March 2015
Easter Holidays - Friday 25 March to Friday 8 April 2016 (inclusive) 
May Half Term - Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June 2016
Summer Holidays - Finish Thursday 14 July 2016, 3pm
Leaver’s Party - Friday 15 July 2016 – 0930 to 1230 
Playschool Contact Numbers:
Please ensure you have both these numbers in your phone.  If you need to contact playschool please telephone on:
07708 426134 During sessions
07903 388568 Out of sessions
If it is not urgent, then you can email me at
Kind Regards
Julie Ash
AGM and Social: ……………………………………………………………………
Childs’s name: ……………………………………………………………………
We will / will not be attending the AGM on Wednesday 16 March at 8.00pm at playschool.
Parent/carers attending: ……………………………………………………………………