POSTED > 15.05.2017
Dear Parents
Hope you all had a good Easter and welcome back to a new term; the last for our ‘going to school’ children! 
Playschool Leavers:
You should all have received notification over the holidays as to which school your child has been allocated. If your child is leaving in July I would be grateful if you would complete the slip, at the end of this letter, advising us which Primary School your child will be attending in September.  This is so that we may liaise with the school with transitions.
For the children that are leaving we will be holding a Leaver’s Party on the morning of Friday 21 July.  After the party the children will be putting on a show in the main hall between 1130 and 1215.  Please highlight this date in your diary.
Sainsbury’s Vouchers:
This is the last week Sainsbury’s will be giving out the Active Kids vouchers.  Please dig deep in your handbags, wallets, coat pockets, sides of sofas and put any vouchers you may find in our collection box.  Don’t forget to ask friends, neighbours, relatives, work colleagues for any they may have.
As the Summer approaches, we appreciate that flip flops and crocs are cool but they are not suitable for running around outside and often cause the children to fall or trip.  Where possible, please send your child to playschool in shoes with backs.
Healthy Lunch Boxes:

For those children who bring in a packed lunch, please ensure that it contains healthy food and is in a clearly named bag. Below are some healthy suggestions.  A healthy lunch should contain the 4 essential food groups:
  • One or two portions of starchy food –
White or wholegrain bread, cooked pasta, potato, noodles, rice, couscous, malt loaf.
  • ·         One portion of protein food –
Meat, fish, beans, lentils.
  • At least one portion of vegetables and fruits –
Cucumber, tomato, pepper, apple, pear, grapes, berries, canned fruit.
  • Milk and dairy –
Yoghurt, fromage frais, cheese, rice pudding. 

Please remember we are a nut and egg free zone.
If you include a drink, please refrain from providing ‘fizzy’ or energy drinks - ideally water.
For further information google “the eatwell plate” or
Easter Holiday Sheets:
Please remember to return your holiday sheets to your key person.
This half term:
We are looking at children’s Nursery Rhymes; textures, measurements, emotions, buildings
Wk 1:  24.04.17           Three Little Pigs
Wk 2:  01.05.17           Little Red Riding Hood.
Wk 3:  08.05.17           Elves and the Shoemaker      
Wk 4:  15.05.17           Ugly Duckling
Wk 5:  22.05.17           Gingerbread Man
If you have a favourite nursery rhyme that is not listed above which you would like to share with us, either by bringing in the book or coming in yourself to read to the children, please see Julie or Deb, especially if you originate from a different country.  It would be nice for the children to hear a story read in another language.
Also, if you have any unwanted shoe boxes, please bring them into playschool for Week 3.
Over the Easter holidays we spent some of your hard-earned fundraising money on improving the decking.  On Saturday 1st April, the playschool committee helped with a deck tidying morning and over the holidays we had our storage area covered over so that it now doubles up as a seating area and work station, along with a mega sandpit.  Apologies if your child comes home covered in sand!
Smartie Tubes:
We are now proposing to replace the roof to the rear of the decking and extend the area, so if you filled up your Smartie tubes over Easter please remember to return them to playschool.
Playschool Fun Day:
We are holding our annual fun day on Saturday 24 June, at playschool from 1200 midday for present and prospective playschool children. There will be lots of fun activities for the children to participate in.  If you would like to be involved and help with the organising and/or help on the day, please see a member of staff.  Raffle tickets will be on sale soon with some great prizes.
Parent Rota:
The parent rota list is on the notice board.  Please take this opportunity to spend a session with your child especially if they are off to school in September.
Please send your child to playschool with a coat that is Waterproof.  When we go outside in the rain not all the children choose to wear our waterproof poncho’s and material coats keep them warm but not dry.
London Marathon:
You may remember that I recently sent out a link about a close friend of Hamble Village Playschool, Fiona Roy and her dog Balgie.  Well I am pleased to say that Fiona completed the marathon this weekend in an amazing time of 6 hours 21 minutes on behalf of Wessex Cancer Trust.  https//
Diary Dates:
Bank Holiday:              Monday 1 May 2017
Half Term:                   Monday 29 to Friday 2 June 2017
Fun Day:                      Saturday 24 June 2017
End of Term:               Thursday 20 July 2017
Leaver’s Party:            Friday 21 July 2017 (12.30 midday finish)
Playschool Contact Numbers:
Please ensure you have both these numbers in your phone.  If you need to contact playschool please telephone on:
            07708 426134 During sessions
            07903 388568 Out of sessions
If it is not urgent, then you can email me at
Kind Regards
Julie Ash
Name of Child: ……………………………………………………………….
Name of Primary School: …………………………………………………..
I give permission for Hamble Village Playschool to share information with my chosen primary school.
Signed: ……………………………………..…… (Parent/Carer)     
Date: ………………………