POSTED > 08.11.2012

Dear Parents

Hope you all had a good half term and enjoyed Halloween and the Fireworks.

Music Makers:

Before half term, Vicky (an Outreach Worker) from the Windmill Children’s Centre (WCC) visited playschool and the children joined in with a Music and Movement group. This consisted of singing and tapping out simple rhythms using sticks, shakers, drums.

From Monday 12 November to 17 December, the WCC are running the Music Makers course in the Memorial Hall between 1.30 and 2.30pm. If you would like to attend, please call the centre on 02380 405189 for more details or to book your place (I believe it is free).

Starting School September 2013:

If your child will be 4 years old between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 you can apply for a school place:

From 1 November 2012, Hampshire residents can apply:

  • Online at where you will also find information about schools in Hampshire, or
  • On a paper application form available from a Hampshire infant or primary school

Application deadline for a school place is TUESDAY 15 JANUARY 2013.

Communication and Language Project (CL):

Our cluster group (Bursledon, Netley and Hamble) is currently running this project with the purpose of improving early literacy skills with a focus on story telling, speaking and listening.

Each term we will introduce a specific book to the setting, each with its own focus:


Autumn Term “This is The Bear”, Sarah Hayes Repetitive Text
Spring Term “Dear Zoo”, Rod Campbell Rhyming Text
Summer Term “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” Traditional Tales

Each term, additional copies of the above books will be available in our ‘library’ should you wish to borrow a copy.

Learning and Development Summary:

During this term you will receive the above summary for your child. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the summary with your child’s key person, please see them to arrange an appointment.

Large Milk Powder Tins:

If any of the ‘new mums’ are using Milk Powder (SMA etc) with the plastic lids, could you bring them into playschool when finished with – they make excellent drums that the children can decorate.

Session Swap:

If any of the older children (3yrs +) are in a position to swap a morning session for a Friday afternoon (with lunch) from January, please see me.

Christmas Cakes:

The children will be making Christmas cakes in December. If your child has any allergies that we are not aware of, please let me know. I will have a list of ingredients available for you to check against.

Christmas Party:

This year we thought we would try a different format for the Christmas Party, in that we are inviting parents/carers and younger siblings.

Date: Thursday 20 December
Venue: Memorial Hall (Main Hall)
Time: 1200 to 3pm

Who: All children that attend playschool, their parents/carers and younger siblings
Dress Code: Anything! Shepherds, angels, superheros, princesses, pirates

If your child attends playschool on a Thursday morning, bring them as normal at 0930. The parents of these children and the remaining children/parents to arrive at 1200 (main hall), bringing with them a packed lunch for their child, sibling and themselves. We will all have lunch together.

Following on from this there will be party games and a visit from Father Christmas. The party will end with the children singing a few songs. There will be refreshments available for the adults and a Christmas raffle will be held - we have received some donations from parents and from local businesses but could do with some more. If you know anyone or any business that would be happy to donate a prize please ask them. All proceeds will go to the playschool.

If your child is able to attend can you ensure that you send in a wrapped, clearly NAMED, present for Father Christmas to give to your child at the party (about £5 in value). If you are bringing a sibling attach a present for them too. Please secret squirrel the present into playschool by Friday 14 December.

Please complete and return the form at the end of the newsletter.

Diary Dates:

End of Autumn term: Friday 21 December 2012, 3pm
Start of Spring term: Monday 7 January 2013
Half term week: Monday 18 February 2013
End of Spring term: Thursday 28 March 2013

Kind regards

Julie Ash